A Very Shrimpy Welcome!

This site is dedicated to pet aquarium shrimp - neocaridinas, caridina cantonensis, cardina sulawesi, halocaridinas - it's about one shrimp-obsessed shrimper and his goal to catch collect them all!

Follow me through my trials and tribulations in my blog, discuss our epic battles vs. the evil scud army in the forum, and level up your skills in shrimp herding and weed growing by reciting my tank updates and guides. Stick around, it's going to be epic!

The Shrimps

From neos to opaes, detailed shrimp profiles and care guides.

The Plants

From the easy-weedy to the can't-keep-them-alives.

The Tanks

Walmart bowls, nano kits, and outdoor ponds.

The Guides

How-tos on shrimps, plants, tanks, and life.