Orange Eye Black Tiger

Orange Eye Black Tiger

Orange Eye Black Tigers are a morph of the Tiger shrimp, it was selectively bred through the Orange Eye Blue Tigers for darker coloration. Orange Eye Black Tigers are more sensitive than its wild pattern counterparts.  When distinguishing the black and blue variations, it is common to refer to the black variation as Black Tiger Orange Eye (BTOE) rather than OEBT.


  • Scientific Name: Caridina Cantonensis
  • Common Name: Orange Eye Black Tiger, Black Tiger Orange Eye
  • Origin: China
  • pH: 6.8-7.2
  • Temp: 64-74°F
  • TDS: 80-200
  • KH: 0-8
  • GH: 6-10
  • Fertility: Low
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Grading and Variations

Black Tigers should be uniform black with no visible gaps and orange eyes.

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