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EHEIM Aquastyle 9g

Last Update (9/8/12)

This tank began as a moss tree scape, but I quickly realized that a moss-only tank is not sustainable. The tank now features two pieces of driftwood as the hardscape, along with colorful stems, in the back and mid-ground, and rosettes and runners in the foreground.


- EHEIM Aquastyle 9 - $119
- Stainless Steel Mesh (you'll need a strong wire cutter) for Moss Wall - $5
- Driftwood from Petsmart


- 20x+ Fire Rilis, helmet-head pattern, reds and blues (neocaridina heteropoda)
- 10x Crystal Red Shrimp (caridina cantonensis)
- 10x Super Tiger Shrimp (caridina cantonensis)
- 4x Celestial Pearl Danios (galaxy rasboras)
- 2x Otocinclus
- ?? Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Ramshorn Snails, Pond/Bladderwort Snails 


- Eriocaulon Parkeri
- Heteranthera zosterifolia (star grass)
- Rotala Indica
- Ludwigia Peruenses
- Star Repens
- Limnophila Repens Mini
- Lindernia Parviflora Var 'Variegated'
- Blyxa Japonica
- HC
- Marsilea Minuta
- Mixed Moss
- Floaters: RRF, frogbits, dwarf water lettuce


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