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Fluval Edge 6g

Last Update (7/20/12)

This tank began as a brackish opae ula habitat, but disaster struck and the opaes were obliterated. Lesson learned, stainless steel (evey molybdenum-treated) will rust on contact with salt. The tank retains the original coral fan and lava rock scape, but now hosts freshwater blue n. heteropodas.


- Fluval Edge 6g - Old (1st) Edition $26 @ Petco during their inventory clearance (score!)
- MR11 LED Upgrade - $10
- Home Depot Lava Rocks - $6
- Coral Fan off eBay - $10


- 30x+ Blue Shrimp (neocaridina heteropoda, derived from blue rilis)
- ?? Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Ramshorn Snails, Pond/Bladderwort Snails 


- Mixed Moss
- Round Pellia
- Crypt Wendtii
- Blyxa Japonica
- Baby Dwaf Tears (HC)
- Marsilea Minuta


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